Mid-Sierra Rates and Billing

The TCPUD Board of Directors is aware of the gap between existing TCPUD customer water rates and Mid-Sierra customer water rates. TCPUD is committed to providing a graduated rate transition, at approximately a 10% increase per year until rates are normalized with the existing TCPUD rate structure. Once water meters have been installed and customers have had a one year test period, bills will include both the base rate and consumption charges. The current time estimate for meter installation is between 2019 and 2021.

TCPUD recognizes that a change in your billing rate and/or frequency will be an adjustment.  It is our goal to minimize the impacts of the upcoming changes in your water bill.  Beginning January 2018, we instituted monthly billing for your sewer and water service.  The intent is to keep modest increases spread out over a 12 month billing cycle.   As an existing sewer customer, you will now be able to manage your account and payments for your water service as one.  If you have already enrolled in auto pay, either through the bill pay portal or direct with TCPUD, you will not need to make any changes, your water and sewer bill will be automatically paid monthly as you have prescribed.  If you have not enrolled in auto pay, you can manage your payments the same way you always have, only now billed monthly along with water service. You can access or set up your billing account HERE.

Rates will be discussed during the annual budget workshop which is open to the public.  The next workshop will be held Wednesday November 7 at 3:00 pm in the TCPUD Board Room.  You are invited and encouraged to attend and participate in this process.