COVID-19 Economic Response

TCPUD COVID-19 Economic Response

In recognition of the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our entire community, the TCPUD Board of Directors took action to help alleviate the financial hardships experienced by our customers. On March 30, the TCPUD responded by suspending late fees and penalties for utility services and reminding customers of our “No shut-off for non-payment” policy. This action was implemented for all customers as a way to address concerns about the ability to pay their utility bills due to a loss of income resulting from the current situation.

With the continuance of the State of California’s COVID-19 orders and directives limiting non-essential business activity, the TCPUD further recognized that our local businesses have experienced additional and sustained financial hardships. To support our commercial customers, the TCPUD Board took additional action on May 15 by adopting Resolution 20-08 establishing a Temporary Commercial Sewer Rate Relief Program (Program).

The Program, established for a 3-month period, automatically reduces the monthly or quarterly sewer rates by 50% for all commercial sewer customers within TCPUD’s service area.

Key measures of the Program include:

  • 50% Sewer Rate reduction for a 3-month period
  • Monthly sewer bills will be automatically adjusted for June, July, and August 2020
  • Quarterly sewer bills will be automatically adjusted for July, August, and September 2020

Because property owners on record are billed for utility services, the TCPUD encourages commercial property owners to pass the commercial sewer rate relief directly to the occupying business tenant.

Additional Resources

For additional program information, please contact Stacie Lyans at 530.580.6057 or