COVID-19 Economic Response/Customer Rate Relief

TCPUD COVID-19 Economic Response/Customer Rate Relief

In recognition of financial hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the TCPUD suspended late fees and penalties associated with the District's water and sewer utility billing.  This action was implemented for all customers to alleviate concerns regarding their ability to pay their utility bills.  The program provided over $87,000 in relief to our customers, beginning in March of 2020.


In addition to suspending late fees and penalties, the District implemented a temporary commercial sewer rate relief program.  This rate relief program automatically provided a 50% sewer rate reduction on all commercial bills for 6 months.  This delivered $182,155 in savings to our commercial customers and was funded with property tax revenue.


Now that the State of California has 'reopened' and capacity and distancing restrictions have been lifted for most businesses and activities, the District is reinstating late fees and penalties beginning August 1, 2021.