Madden Creek Water System Interconnection and Distribution Project - Cloned

In January 2018, TCPUD acquired and began operating the Madden Creek Water System (formerly Mid Sierra Utilities).  Since the acquisition, TCPUD Board of Directors has dedicated significant time towards understanding how to invest in and improve the water supply and fire suppression capabilities of the Madden System.

TCPUD identified a high priority need for backup water supply and additional water storage for the Madden System. To accomplish this, the District developed this project to interconnect the Madden System to the TCPUD’s  McKinney-Quail Water System. The Project will provide the needed backup water supply and emergency water storage, in addition to replacement of critical water system  components to enhance fire protection and improve  water delivery and pressure.

Due to the size and complexity of the Project, it has been broken into a two-phased construction schedule; the first phase includes the McKinney-Quail interconnection and associated high pressure transmission line replacement, and the second phase includes water distribution, servicing, and fire protection improvements. Phase 1 construction is anticipated to start in late summer 2019.

The project will benefit the public by enhancing water supply and reliability as well as improving fire protection within the water system service area.


For more information, please contact:

Kim Boyd, Senior Management Analyst