Truckee River Trail Now Officially Re-Opened

Posted: November 1, 2018 | Category:

On October 30th, the TCPUD was joined by project partners to celebrate the grand re-opening of the newly rehabilitated Truckee River Trail. 

The Truckee River Trail is a Class 1 multi-use trail running over 5.5 miles from Tahoe City to Squaw Valley Road. Speakers and guests celebrated the collaboration and partnerships that made the funding possible to completely repair one of the most popular and heavily used trails in the north Lake Tahoe region.

“The Truckee River Trail offers our residents and visitors alike a remarkable recreation experience,” said Tahoe City General Manager Sean Barclay. “The leadership of the Tahoe City PUD Board of Directors, along with the collaboration and support of the funding partners has ensured that this amazing trail can be enjoyed for years to come.”

Originally constructed in 1980, the Truckee River Trail has experienced deterioration as a result of age, wear, and natural weathering. In total, about 4 miles of trail was reconstructed to address this deterioration as well as improving erosion control and drainage features. This segment of trail is a cornerstone of the “Resort Triangle”, the focus of a broad coalition plan seeking to further connect Lake Tahoe through a multi-use trail network.