Demolition Permit

No Demolition work shall be performed prior to pulling a TCPUD Demolition Permit and Sewer and/or Water Cut and Cap locations have been determined.

Property Owner
Project Details
  • The sewer and water services must be disconnected prior to the removal of any structures.

  • The contractor must exercise caution to keep debris from entering the sewer line.

  • A TCPUD- approved backflow prevention device must be installed and tested on Temporary Construction Water Services.

  • A copy of the TCPUD’s policy related to service abandonment is attached. 

Inspections Required
Water Service Cap or Temporary Construction Service
Water Lock out/Tag out Inspections

I will pay a deposit equal to this amount. I understand that I will be charged actual costs associated with the abandonment of the sewer and/or water services, and that I will either receive a refund or be billed for excess costs.

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