Ordinances and Resolutions

As a Special District, the TCPUD has the ability to set local Ordinances and pass Resolutions within our service area on issues that effect water, sewer, and parks and recreation services. An Ordinance means an action setting forth a rule of public conduct that is considered long-term. A Resolution means a formal form of motion normally utilized to set forth policy.

Below is a list of Ordinances and Resolutions of most frequent inquires. In order to view these PDF documents, you will need to click on the link of the specific document. If you have any questions about these, or other Ordinances or Resolutions, please contact the TCPUD at link below.


Ordinance 302: Sewer Rate Amendment (modifying Ordinance 300) 

Ordinance 301: Water Rate Amendment (modifying Ordinance 299)

Ordinance 300: Establishing Sewer Rates for the Years 2020-2024 

Ordinance 299: Establishing Water Rates for the Years 2020-2024

Ordinance 296: Approval and Restated Employment Agreement, Amended and Restated Forgivable Loan Agreement and Amended and Restated Promissory Note

Ordinance 288: Water Conservation and Drought Response Standards

Ordinance 263 (Conformed Water): Rules, Regulations, Rates and Charges

Ordinance 259a: Sewer Connection Fees, User Fees and Service Fees

Ordinance 255 (Conformed Sewer): Rules, Regulations, Rates and Charges

Ordinance 248: Trail Snow Storage Notice

Ordinance 240: Ordinance governing use, maintenance, repair, reconstruction and liability relating to sidewalks in the Tahoe City Area



Resolution 19-30: Establishing Water Rates for Tahoe Cedars and Madden Creek Customers 


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