Legislative Affairs

Guided by the TCPUD Board adopted Advocacy Priorities, TCPUD actively engages in and monitors state and federal legislation on important issues including water infrastructure, fire suppression, water use, and outdoor recreation. The Priorities were identified to advance the TCPUD Mission to serve the people in our community, as well as the environment, and provide TCPUD with guidance on advocacy efforts and the flexibility to:

  • Sponsor, support, or oppose legislation
  • Address federal, state, and local policies and regulations
  • Protect TCPUD’s local authority, resources, and customers

Through formal communication and collaborative meetings with elected representatives, advocacy organizations, and local, state, and federal agencies on a wide range of issues, the TCPUD responds to legislation that could impact TCPUD and our constituents.

Locally, TCPUD participates in partnerships that work collaboratively to pursue legislative action and funding mechanisms that promote mutual goals with the Tahoe Basin. The goals include advancing initiatives that support water infrastructure, recreation, transportation, housing, and restoration. These partnerships include the California Tahoe Alliance, the Lake Tahoe Water for Fire Suppression Partnership, and the Climate Transformation Alliance.

Read TCPUD 2023-24 Advocacy Priorities

TCPUD Receives 2023 CSDA Exceptional Public Outreach and Advocacy Award (Large District)

The TCPUD was awarded the 2023 California Special Districts Association (CSDA) Exceptional Public Outreach & Advocacy Award (Large District Category) for its ongoing initiative and action to protect communities from wildfire. TCPUD is honored to be recognized for its work to bring awareness to the need for and funding gaps for water infrastructure for fire suppression projects. Read CSDA 2023 Award Winners Announced and watch the following video highlighting the District's advocacy and outreach efforts to protect communities from wildfire.

Video Credit: California Special Districts Association


Legislative initiatives actively monitored by TCPUD include:

Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation

  • In April 2023, the California Air Resources Board approved its Advanced Clean Fleet, which requires local government medium and heavy-duty fleets to begin transitioning to zero-emission vehicles as soon as January 1, 2024. TCPUD’s advocacy has focused on ensuring that the regulation enables public water agencies to maintain critical public services and developing a fair exemption process where compliance with this regulation is not feasible.

AB 1594 (Garcia) Medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles: public agency utilities

  • This bill would ensure that any state regulation requiring a public agency utility to purchase medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles also provides that those vehicles can support the agency’s ability to maintain reliable water and electric services, respond to emergencies, and provide mutual aid assistance both statewide and nationwide.

SB 470 (Alvarado-Gil) Water: Urban Water Community Drought Relief program: Small Community Drought Relief program: high fire hazard and very high fire hazard severity zones.

  • This bill would establish a grant for projects that reduce the risk of wildfire for entire neighborhoods and communities through water infrastructure for fire suppression purposes in high-fire-hazard severity zone communities or very high-fire-hazard severity zone communities, as designated by the State Fire Marshal or by a local agency.

AB 1484 (Zbur) Temporary public employees.

  • This bill would impose specified requirements with respect to the temporary employees of a public employer who have been hired to perform the same or similar type of work that is performed by permanent employees represented by a recognized employee organization, subject to limited exceptions.

AB 1467 (Alanis) Nevaeh Youth Sports Safety Act Signed into Law

  • This bill would, commencing January 1, 2027, require a youth sports organization that elects to offer an athletic program to ensure that its athletes have access to an AED during any official practice or match. If administered during an applicable medical circumstance, the bill would require that the AED be administered by a medical professional, coach, or other person designated by the youth sports organization who holds AED certification and who complies with any other qualifications required pursuant to federal and state law applicable to the use of an AED.

SB 222 (Dodd) Water Rate Assistance Program 

SB 1157 (Hertzberg) Urban Water Use Objectives, Indoor Residential Water Use Signed into Law



  • Visit to Washington, D.C. 
  • Lake Tahoe Summit

Tahoe Water for Fire Partnership

The TCPUD is one of several water agencies around the Tahoe Basin in both California and Nevada that formed the Tahoe Water for Fire Suppression Partnership in response to the 2007 Angora Fire. The Partnership, in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service and with leadership from the California and Nevada congressional delegations, embarked on an aggressive effort to accelerate the installation of critical water infrastructure to improve water distribution, storage systems, and regional interconnectivity to build capacity for fire suppression. 

Learn more about the Tahoe Water for Fire Suppression Partnership at tahoewaterforfire.org

Tahoe Water for Fire Partnership

National Special Districts Coalition

TCPUD is one of 24 water and fire protection district leaders from nine states that participated in National Special Districts Coalition (NSDC) efforts to examine barriers local agencies face to ensure adequate water infrastructure for fire suppression exists within communities. Find the report and learn more about this effort by visiting nationalspecialdistricts.org.

National Special Districts Coalition

Preparing Our Community for Wildfire

This video, produced by the California Special Districts Association in collaboration with North Tahoe Fire Protection District, Tahoe City Public Utility District, and North Tahoe Public Utility District, highlights the importance of water infrastructure in fire suppression projects and the challenges local agencies face in securing funding for these critical projects.

Video Credit: California Special Districts Association