Change Name and/or Address

Property Owner Mailing Address Change

TCPUD Property Owners may submit a change of mailing address to Changes will be reflected on the following billing statement.

Tenant Billing

TCPUD will not bill a tenant directly.  An owner may request to add a tenant name or address as a c/o, but it is the Property Owner’s responsibility to ensure that Utility Billing Account(s) remain current.  TCPUD will not perform a collection of Delinquent Charges from Tenant(s); Outstanding Delinquent Charges will be sent annually to Collection via County Tax Lien. Requests for address changes should be submitted in writing and include Account #, c/o full name, address, contact info, and effective date of the change.  Address changes upon move-out are the responsibility of the Property Owner.  Written requests may be sent to

Utility Billing Account Name Changes

The TCPUD requires Property Owners’ name(s) on Utility Billing accounts to match what is recorded with the County.  Ownership changes must be verified; Grant Deeds and other documentation may be sent to  For further questions or help with verification of Utility Billing Name Changes, call 530-583-3796 x403.

Home Sale, Property Transfers, and Escrow

For this information, visit Home Sales, Property Transfers & Escrow.