Property Transfers and Escrow

Sewer and Water Billing Balance at Escrow

When selling your property, documentation is required by TCPUD to assist in a smooth transfer of ownership.  Be sure your title company contacts TCPUD when escrow is opened to streamline the process.

The day before escrow closes, when the title company requests a final demand, TCPUD will send the title company final charges due on the property.  The title company will then pro-rate the balance for the most current billing between the buyer and seller.  If a title company does not request a final demand, the seller will be responsible for the final bill.  TCPUD will update the account with the new owner’s information and resume regular billing of the new owner once grant deed/funds are received by the title company.

Pre-Home Sale Sewer Escrow Inspection

Prior to selling a home, you will need to confirm the property has had a current (within 5 years) sewer air test.  To determine if a current test has been performed on the property, contact the technical services department at (530) 580-6281.  If an escrow sewer air test is needed, the customer shall hire a licensed contractor to perform the test and TCPUD will witness and sign off on a passed test.  If the sewer air test fails, the customer will be required to fix the problem before the property can be sold.