Legislative Affairs

Guided by the TCPUD 2021-22 Advocacy Priorities adopted by the Board in June 2021, TCPUD actively engages in and monitors state and federal legislation on important issues including water infrastructure, fire suppression, water use, and outdoor recreation. The Priorities were identified to advance the TCPUD Mission to serve the people in our community, as well as the environment, and provide TCPUD with guidance on advocacy efforts and the flexibility to:

  • Sponsor, support, or oppose legislation
  • Address federal, state, and local policies and regulations
  • Protect TCPUD’s local authority, resources, and customers

Through formal communication and collaborative meetings with elected representatives, advocacy organizations, and local, state, and federal agencies on a wide range of issues, the TCPUD responds to legislation that could impact TCPUD and our constituents.

Locally, TCPUD participates in partnerships that work collaboratively to pursue legislative action and funding mechanisms that promote mutual goals with the Tahoe Basin. The goals include advancing initiatives that support water infrastructure, recreation, transportation, housing, and restoration. These partnerships include the California Tahoe Alliance, the Lake Tahoe Water for Fire Suppression Partnership, and the Climate Transformation Alliance.

Read TCPUD 2021-22 Advocacy Priorities

Legislative initiatives actively monitored by TCPUD include:

  • SB 222 (Dodd) Water Rate Assistance Program
    • This bill would have established a Water Rate Assistance Fund to help provide water affordability assistance for both drinking water and wastewater services to low-income residential ratepayers. The TCPUD agrees that California should have a program that helps low-income households and joined a coalition that intensely advocated for specific amendments to make the bill work efficiently. The recommended amendments were not included in the final bill, and Governor Newson vetoed the bill because it lacked identified funding. The TCPUD will monitor future legislative action that addresses water affordability assistance. 
  • SB 1157 (Hertzberg) Urban Water Use Objectives, Indoor Residential Water Use
    • This bill establishes a new and more stringent standard for residential water use. Beginning January 1, 2025, the new standard lowers water use from 52.5 gallons per capita (GPCD) to 47 GPCD, and again on January 1, 2030 to 42 GPCD. TCPUD worked with a coalition to advocate for specific amendments that would balance water supply benefits with affordability ramifications. Governor Newson signed the bill into law, and while specific amendments were not included in the final bill, the Governor did request additional studies and variances created to reflect local investments.
  • Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation
    • The California Air Resources Board released Draft Regulatory Language for the Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation Public Fleet in August. In response, the TCPUD signed onto a joint Truckee-Tahoe agency comment letter that expresses concern about the Draft Rule’s potential negative impacts on critical infrastructure and our ability to support public safety and emergency response. TCPUD continues to monitor this initiative for further action.

2022 TCPUD Legislative Events and Tours include:

  • Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) Tour
  • Caldor Fire Recovery Area Tour
  • Lake Tahoe Summit
  • California Special Districts Association (CSDA) Gold County Chapter Legislative Tour

National Special Districts Coalition

TCPUD is one of 24 water and fire protection district leaders from nine states that participated in National Special Districts Coalition (NSDC) efforts to examine barriers local agencies face to ensure adequate water infrastructure for fire suppression exists within communities. Find the report and learn more about this effort by visiting www.nationalspecialdistricts.org/.