Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What are your office hours? 

Answer:   8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. 

2)  How do I register for classes and programs? 

Answer:   Please visit our Registration page for more information:  
You can also print and fax, mail, or deliver a hard-copy Registration Form at the Rideout Community Center

3)  Is my family eligible to participate in the Parks and Recreation activities if we do not live in the TCPUD District? 

Answer:   Yes, anyone may participate in Parks and Recreation activities. Nevertheless non-residents typically pay more for goods and services since they don't contribute to the District's property tax fund which subsidizes recreation programs. 

4)  Do I need to make a reservation at Lake Forest campground? 

Answer:   NO. Sites are available on a first come, first served basis. If you're interested in other campground reservations, please see the table below. 

Reservation Phone Numbers

California State Park:  (800) 444-7275 

US Forest Service:  (800) 280-2267 

National Park:  (800) 365-2267 

Tahoe Camping:  (530) 544-5994 

5)  Are there any dog beaches? 

Answer:   No. However, dogs are allowed next to the boat ramp in Lake Forest/Pomin Park. 

6)  Does Lake Forest campground have bathrooms and showers? 

Answer:   The campground has portable restrooms but no shower facilities. 

7)  Does Lake Forest campground have hookups? How long can my vehicle be? 

Answer:   The campground does not have hookups or a dumping station. Your vehicle can be no longer than 25 ft. 

8)  Where can I pick up the Tahoe Rim trail in Tahoe City? 

Answer:   There are two locations. The Fairway Community Center is one, which is located at 330 Fairway Drive. The trail can be picked up right across the street from the community center. 

64-Acres Park is another. The park is located 100 yards past the "Y" and fanny bridge on the right side of Highway 89. 

9)  Do you allow drop-in and or part time participants in Day Camp? 

Answer:   Yes, but only when camps are not filled with full-time participants.