Water Conservation

Every Drop Counts. Use Water Wisely.

Water Conservation is an environmentally sound way to protect water resources for the benefit of TCPUD customers and the public, ensuring the continued supply and reliability of drinking water as well as providing capacity for fire suppression.

The TCPUD is committed to Making Water Conservation a Regular Way of Life. This means encouraging, and sometimes enforcing, practices to reduce excess water usage. The TCPUD Board formalized this with the adoption of Ordinance 288 – Water Conservation and Drought Response Standards which maintains water conservation requirements in drought response stages of severity, and includes:

Stage 1 - Normal Conditions

Stage 2 - Significant Water Shortage

Stage 3 - Severe Water Shortage

Stage 4 - Water Shortage Emergency

Currently, TCPUD is in Stage 1 – Normal Conditions, which applies to all TCPUD water service areas and requires water conservation measures that include but are not limited to:

  • Repairing water leaks
  • Preventing water runoff
  • Using automatic shutoff valves and nozzles when cleaning vehicles and other outdoor surfaces
  • Installing low-flow plumbing fixtures in new and retrofit construction for residential, commercial, and public structures
  • Winterizing landscape irrigation and adhering to specific irrigation times of day, precipitation, and low temperature occurrences.

Water is essential for many things but there are also many, simple ways to reduce the amount of water use. Even the simplest changes to daily routines can have a significant impact. By Making Conservation a Way of Life, we can save water, replenish underground aquifers, prepare for the uncertainties of climate change, and minimize the harmful effects of drought.

Try some of these water conservation measures:

               Water Conservation Measure                                                                Water Savings

Fix leaky faucets and toilets                                                                    110 gallons/month

Install low flow showerheads*                                                                15 gallons/ten minutes

Run full loads of laundry                                                                            15-45 gallons/month

Shutoff when brushing teeth/doing dishes                                          10 gallons/day

Install aerators on faucets*                                                                      1.2 gallons/day

Install water efficient appliances                                                            13,000 gallons/year

Use shutoff valves and nozzles for outdoor water use*                   15,000 gallons/year

* These items are included in TCPUD’s FREE Water Conservation Kit – visit us today to get yours!

Water Efficiency Rebates

Be sure to also take advantage of the TCPUD water efficiency rebate program for water efficient toilets, dishwashers, clothes washers, and smart irrigation controls.  Rebates up to $100 are available per appliance/fixture. Find out more here, Water Efficiency Rebates