Marie Sluchak Playground Renovation

Marie Sluchak Community Park, located at the “Y” on Pine Street and Wilson Avenue in Tahoma, is operated by the Tahoe Cedars Property Owners Association (TCPOA) and maintained by the Tahoe City Public Utility District (TCPUD). Established in 1983 to fill a community need, the park offers a stage and seating area, picnic amenities, and a playground.

While improvements have been made over the years to address aging infrastructure and provide updated amenities; the TCPOA and TCPUD are currently addressing new improvements to include an ADA compliant design plan (paths, viewing areas, and access to BBQs and restrooms), and an expanded playground with new playground equipment.

The TCPOA and TCPUD launched an outreach effort to solicit input on desired playground equipment, features, and overall aesthetic design from the surrounding community. Responding to the input, the TCPUD reached out to venders resulting in the selection of 3 options for new playground equipment.

For more information please contact 
Kim Boyd, Senior Management Analyst