2019 Water & Sewer Rate Study

The Tahoe City Public Utility District has initiated a 2019 Water and Sewer Rate Study to update the 2014 Rate Study and set new maximum annual water and sewer rates for 2020-2024.


The purpose of the study is to:

  • Ensure that water and sewer rates  are adequate to maintain the District's high quality service standards
  • Stabilize financial security to protect the long-term viability of the sewer and water systems
  • Allocate the costs of operating and maintaining water and sewer systems fairly among customers

This 2019 Rate Study is necessary to support a new 5-year rate schedule, prepare for new capital improvements, cover operating costs, and continue supporting the replacement of the District’s aging infrastructure. All revenue generated by water rates can only be used for water services and related capital investments. Conversely, the same for sewer rates. Thanks to significant efforts to control costs, the District was able to avoid charging the 2014 approved maximum sewer rates to its customers.


The new District rate study will ensure rate increases comply with Proposition 218 legal requirements, which the District must follow when proposing rate increases. Under these requirements, and general best management practices, the District will provide its customers with information on the amount of the rate increase, why it is needed and how it was calculated.


The public will be invited to upcoming public workshops on the 2019 Rate Study, slated for later this summer.


District employees work hard every day to deliver on our promise of reliable water, sewer, parks and recreation, and quality service, and we look forward to continuing this promise to our community.


Interested in more information on the 2019 Water and Sewer Rate Study process? Please contact Stacie Lyans, Community Engagement Analyst at 530.580.6057 or slyans@tcpud.org.