Timberland Interconnection and Distribution Improvements

In January 2018, TCPUD acquired the former Timberland Water Company and began providing water service to Timberland’s former customers on January 2, 2018. TCPUD staff identified the Project as a high priority capital improvement project to begin construction activities in 2019. The first phase of the Project includes installation of approximately 4,440 linear feet of 8-inch water main, 487 linear feet of 4-inch water main, 80 service reconnections and meters, 10 new fire hydrants, and 6 refurbished fire hydrants to replace the varying 2-inch to 6-inch existing system infrastructure.

Since acquiring the Timberland Water System in 2018, TCPUD Board of Directors has dedicated significant time understanding how to invest in and improve the water supply and fire suppression capabilities of the system. The Board has approved over $2 million in 2019 towards this estimated $3.7 million capital infrastructure project.

The project will benefit public health through enhancement of water supply and reliability as well as improving fire protection within the water system service area.

Project construction is planned for two phases, starting mid-June 2019.


Frequently Asked Questions


When are water meters being installed?

Meter installation is anticipated to occur after the completion of the Project’s Phase II in summer/fall 2020. After meters are installed, customers will have a 12-month grace period to monitor household water usage. Following this 12-month period, customer bills will include both the base rate and consumption charges.


How will customers be notified of planned water outages?

TCPUD will provide customers with front door hangers within provided 48 hours of all planned water outages. The date and estimated hours of the outage will be described on each notification. Planned water outages are typically 4-hrs in duration, but can extend to a full work day. Due to uncertainty within the Timberland system with respect to its infrastructure underground, there will be times when advance notification will not be possible. As infrastructure replacement and upgrades progress, fewer and more isolated water outages are expected. The TCPUD understands the inconvenience this creates for its customers and will strive to minimize impacts and communicate progress throughout project construction.


Will water pressure improve as a result of the improvements?

Water pressure improvements will not occur as a result of this project. This project will replace aged and undersized distribution lines, install residential water meters for all customers, and upgrade the system’s fire protection capabilities with the installation of additional fire hydrants. Improvements to the system have been designed for a future interconnection with an adjacent TCPUD water system which, once interconnected, will increase water delivery and pressure. Timing of the future interconnection has not yet been determined.


For more information please contact: 

Stacie Lyans, Community Relations