Youth Sailing Classes 2019


It's time to hit the open water and learn to sail across Lake Tahoe. The Youth Sailing Program is a collaboration between the Tahoe City Public Utility District, the Tahoe Community Sailing Foundation, Obexers Boat Company, and the Tahoe Yacht Club. The program aims to develop solid sailing skills, with an emphasis on safety, fun and teamwork.

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Novice: For students who have never taken a sailing class before and are ready to learn the skill necessary to begin sailing. students will learn about boating safety, boat recovery, knots, rigging, steering, tacking and gybing, beaching and boat care. Students will sail on Picos with 2-3 sailors per boat.

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Intermediate: Ready to take it to the next level? If you are comfortable with the things learned in the novice class then you're ready for this one. Students will start off with a review previous skills. They will then progress to knots, rigging, tacking and gybing, beaching and boat care. Docking and overboard recovery will be introduced. Students will sail with 1-2 sailors per boat.

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Advanced: You've come this far, why stop now! Students who are proficient in the skills previously learned will take on new and fun challenges. Steering, sail trim and boat handling are practiced and integrated into new skills such as racing, high wind tactics, and navigation. Introduction to more advanced boats include 420 FJs and Lasers.

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Ages: 8 - 17 yrs 
Days: Tuesday - Friday
Times: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Obexers Boat Marina
Fee: $228 for Resident
$249 for Non-resident

Summer Sailing Schedule: 

Novice: Intermediate: Advanced:
June 25 - 28 July 9 - 12 July 16 - 19
July 9 - 12 July 30 - August 2 August 6 - 9
July 16 - 19 August 13 - 16 August 20 - 23
July 23 - 26    
July 30 - August 2    
August 13 - 16    

Please contact us at (530) 583-3440 or